Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Data Driven Decision?Many public sector organizations and international development organizations struggle at measuring program effectiveness. First step to that is understanding theory of change. Many non-profits still make decisions based on founders passion and not data.We carefully select the organization with passion for change but struggling to show their great work as an outcome.

Often organization is not ready to even embrace the outcome driven stories. We engage, understand the process and hold hand through Theory of Change, Data Planning and Building Metrics. We help them have solid data collection structure for future technology project implementations and long term OUTCOME to IMPACT approach.

We help organizations have solid data collection structure to embrace future technology project implementations. strong DATA PLANNING leads to better OUTCOME understanding.

Our Challenge

Impact measurement can be costly and complex, but it’s critical for social sector organizations pursuing greater scale and efficacy.

Our Vision

We believe in bringing transparency and improved efficiency in social sector through data planning for measurable metrics. Take a first step with EKTTA.

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