YourStory: How do you plan to bridge digital divide?

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Sopact capacity building recently had a wonderful coverage on our journey and how we plan to bridge digital divide. Please read article here:


There is no doubt that throughout the developing world there is a significant technological divide that challenges efforts aimed at promoting equality of opportunity. Because so many of India’s poor do not have access to communication technologies, they remain at the bottom of an unfavorable learning curve, unexposed to the tools practically required to thrive in today’s economy. Interestingly, this lack of understanding or accessibility to technology seems to extend up the base of the pyramid and affect those who are actually trying to help the underprivileged. Unmesh Sheth, founder of Ektta and President of Silicon Valley based Indians for Collective Action (ICA), made this realization during his time spent with Indian NGOs, trying to find a way that that ICA could work with them to create an impact.

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