Building Capacity In Semi-Skilled Workforce in Developing Country

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Social Issue

Just in India, 400 million labor works in informal sectors*. Unlike developed countries, burden of raising skills falls mostly on NGOs and few central government agencies. Unfortunately, most of them are ill equipped at most criteria: process, employer sensitivity for semi-skilled workers, job profiling and use of technology. Most solutions today are designed for a skilled workforce. Large number of NGOs and non-profits focuses on skill building in underprivileged, low-skilled or semi-skilled environment. Majority of providers focuses on skill uplifting do not have any IT system or proper tools to systematically uplift individuals. Weak systems, operational processes and staff requirements often result in a lack of transparency.

Capacity Builder

Most skilled based workforce solutions are designed for a short term or transactional oriented need where skill matching is higher priority and not skill uplifting. SOPACT is designed for low-skill and semi-skill sector and focuses on following:

  • Manage complete candidate life cycle management including intervention, training and placement
  • Traditional job search and workforce are designed for skilled workforce, which can be measured and rated by skill matrix. This traditional skill matching fails for low skill and semi-skilled workforce, which requires frequent intervention and job profiling most suitable in a local market.
  • Allow continuous improvement in internal candidate life cycle for most optimal results including 360 degrees of visualization of candidate information at figure tip.
  • Designed based on standards based objects and taxonomy such as: 10000+ regions till village level, 7500+ global occupations, 4000+ India based occupation, standard disability codes, skills, job profiles, product/services etc. These standardization dramatically improves data reliability, uniform benchmarking/reporting and improved communication.
  • SoPact is a comprehensive candidate capacity builder which provides end to end candidate life cycle management with substantially improved results for outcome and overall impact.

Impact Solution

There is a substantial change in how these organizations can tap in necessary funding such as impact funds, public-private partnerships and others. Rise in social impact funding is putting a much needed focus on effective impact measurement for internal decision-making and external transparency. More and more, social sector organizations are demanding a simple and powerful digitization system to collect their sector and operational data. For example, early stage investees (social sector organizations) might use their investors’ hosted service to provide standard-based and program-based metrics. Then as investor confidence improves, investees begin using out-of-box or custom applications and surveys. For more advanced organizations, SoPact can manage cross-sector applications and share, aggregate & benchmark internal best practices using collaborative modules that improve capacity and advocacy. Reporting can be shared via webpage, newsletter or web services which provide investors and donors with both accurate reporting and timely communication. SoPact offers many benefits to include: improving internal operations, aligning data with program and funder-level reporting, utilizing industry metric standards and also the capability for customized data & metrics.

Case Study: Enable India

  • Enable India is Bangalore based leading disability sector. We plan to go live in spring 2015, we already see following benefits with our beta version of deployment during summer 2014
  • Financial Returns + Beneficiary Impact: For every $ of grants an organization received, Enable India generated returns of 15 times, by providing new employment opportunities
  • Funding Opportunities: Efficient data collection, reporting accuracy, and greater funding potential
  • Greater #of Job Placements: Reduced lead time, better matching, and more qualified job placements
  • Improved Beneficiary Experience: Visualization provides clear communication and better engagement for the beneficiaries, leading to a greater social outcome

Our Goals

SoPact is designed to substantially reduce overall deployment time, average 1 month (average ERP solution can take 6-9 months). SoPact is looking to work with high engagement capacity builders or social sector organizations who understands value of capacity building & social impact measurement both. SoPact is designed on a robust cloud/mobile platform.

Why SoPact?

SoPact is a comprehensive platform for capacity building & measure social impact measurement that encompasses leading industry standards and yet is easily customizable. Our application platform is built on the most advanced cloud/mobile first technology and Salesforce platform. With a dynamic application engine, we can communicate stories and sentiments among donors, investors, volunteers and communities. Now, you can ‘Measure what Matters’ – considering both financial + social outcomes.

Our vision is to build a powerful social sector by providing effective financial + social measurement, reporting and storytelling. SoPact is the most robust technology for impact measurement, yet simple for even non-technical users. Now, you can streamline your impact measurement – providing more time for your business and funding opportunities, and ultimately greater impact for your beneficiaries!

For more details, please visit SoPact or here .

*From LaborNet website